Who am I?

Funny you should ask, and even more hilarious is the idea that I don't know what to write here.  What makes Marlena?  I guess I can best show you in pictures!

Christmas and New Years Pics Here!

  Jeff and I at the Sebastian Inlet, Fl  Dec 2005

Jeff and I at VA Beach Nove 2005 

Here I am "stylin'" the latest hair do (a mohawk) courtesy of my chemo!  I must say...I look pretty good as GI Jane!

Giving me a shot was a proud moment for Jeff, who normally takes a "nap" when in the presence of needles!

Here is Chance...a constant TV companion!  He has become quite spoiled lately and demands his daily "after lunch" walks...even when I don't feel good. 

Here I am riding Black!  I had forgotten how much physical work it takes to ride a horse, and after an hour ride I take myself a nice nap!



Halloween is just around the corner and we had to get Chance ready!  He doesn't seem to like his ladybug costume....but I think it's cute and that is all that matters.


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